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The 2016 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture Technologies will be held in Dubai (UAE) from next 3rd December to 5th December. The conference’s topics include agricultural biotechnology, energy in agriculture, ecological engineering, food security, livestock biotechnology, food traceability and safety, soil and water engineering, watershed design for water quality protection, nanotechnology in agriculture, meat and allied industries, aquaculture and biosystems research and agro-industry among many others.

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More Information: International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture Technologies.

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The 3rd California Water Summit will take place next week in Sacramento (California, USA) from 1st June to 3rd June.

The water summit agenda will address current challenges, alternative technologies and core issues relating to this field, such as the state of water in the region, the drought, latest developments and funding opportunities, groundwater contamination: the real costs of testing the waters, lessons learned from emerging electronic water exchanges and water transfers, end-user perspectives on investing and energy production, among many others.

The 3rd California Water Summit includes a workshop focused on how to develop successful water P3s which will be running on June 1st.


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More Information: California Water Summit.

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The 7th International Conference on Environmental Science and Development is being held in Rome (Italy) from February 1st to February 3rd. The meeting has as objective to allow the participants to share knowledge, to develop relationships between stakeholders involved and the acquisition of awareness of the importance of promoting scientific information interchange, among others.

The topics included in the conference’s call for submission have been environmental science and technology, biodiversity conservation, ozone layer depletion, biofuels, renewable sources of energy, air pollution and control, solid waste management and water treatment and reclamation among many others.


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More Information: 7th International Conference on Environmental Science and Development.

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Power-Gen Conference & Exhibition 2014 is going to be held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) form next 12 October to 14 October. During this three days events attendees are given the opportunity to networking and sharing knowledge and updates on the most relevant topics concerning this industry field.

The conference program will give participants first-hand inputs on import issues related to core topics such as the sustainable development of world energy, today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s challenges, power and water projects, improving plant and power system efficiency, integrated watershed planning process in the Middle East, alternative fuels for power generation within oil and gas industry, nuclear power technologies and optimizing operation and revenue from large combustion plants, among many others.

WaterWorld Middle East, a renewable event focusing on water and wastewater, will be running alongside Power-Gen Conference & Exhibition.

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More Information: Power-Gen 2014, WaterWorld Middle East.

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The First International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management will take place in Oporto (Portugal) from next 16 July until 18 July.

The congress will focus on issues related to the three core areas (Energy, Water and Waste) such as renewable energies, management of energetic projects, efficient use of water, depuration, solid urban waste management, industrial waste, recycling, nuclear waste, architecture, urbanism and ecologic landscaping, converting waste to energy and fuel and agricultural waste management, among many others.

The Journal of Hydrogeology & Hydrologic Engineering and the Desalination and Water Treatment are going to be the congress journals.


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More Information: International Congress on Water, Waste and Energy Management.

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