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International Conference on Environment and Industrial Innovation in Malaysia

"Solar Farm in Malaysia"
Photo credit: http://www.malaysiasaya.my


The International Conference on Environment and Industrial Innovation, ICEII 2014, will take place in Pendang (Malaysia).

Beginning next Wednesday (March 12) and ending on Friday 14, the conference aims to enhance the importance of supporting and encouraging the innovation in the field of the renewable energy industries.

The International Conference on Environment and Industrial Innovation’s agenda concerns the abstraction of potable water using artificial barriers, feedstock selection in biodiesel production, dual gradient drilling in energy efficient and safe manner, the value of horticultural plants in our living, the analysis of marine bacterium for biomedical applications, bio-based ingredients in the development of quality food wrapper, design optimization of wind turbine, wastewater treatment, sustainable drainage system for road networking, among many others.


Rocio Troncoso

More Information: 2014 International Conference on Environment & Industrial Innovation.

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