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"Ringgenbach Solar Farm in Ringgenbach, Germany"
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The 24th POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe conference and exhibition will take place in Milan (Italy) from 21 June to 23 June next.

The conference sessions will address an extensive array of topics under nine main themes: European policy, direction and finance; new approaches, new markets, decarbonization and nuclear; energy integration; renewable strategy, projects and technology; energy storage and hydropower; the flexibility of gas; modern plant management; combustion and steam plant technology; automation, controls, monitoring and generators 101.

The exhibition will bring together suppliers, providers, end-users and others stakeholders eager to know the advances and innovations that have been made in this industry sector.

The 24th POWER-GEN Europe and the Renewable Energy World Europe conference and exhibition are two essential renewable energy events for knowing the latest developments within the European electricity and power technology sector. This year’s focus is on hydropower as an important actor in the power generation mix.


Rocio Troncoso

More Information: Power-Gen Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe.

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"Solar Power Plant in Nevada Desert"
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The Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit 2016 will be held in San Diego (California, USA) from next 22nd March to 24th March.

The Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit sessions will focus on hot topics such as the future of solar industry, solar financing outlook, the role of strategics in the current market cycle, warehouse and aggregation facilities and the landscape for future solar development, among others.

The meeting sessions will be preceded by a executive briefing which will address The Business Development Landscape with the ITC Extension.


Rocio Troncoso

More Information: Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit.

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"Wind Farm"
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The 9th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference, IRES 2015, will be held in Dussëldorf (Germany) from 9 March to 11 March.

The conference’s program will address some of the most important topics pertaining to this industry sector such as the role of storage in emerging country scenarios, storage solutions for smart cities, energy storage in industrial electro-chemical processes with co-product hydrogen and its ecological impact, investment in energy storage technologies, community energy management with electric vehicles for effective use of solar energy, hybrid energy storage systems for renewable energy applications and rural microgrids with endemic energy storage systems, among many others.

This is the major industry event focused on renewable energy storage issues.


Rocio Troncoso

More Information: International Renewable Energy Storage conference 2015.

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Solar Power Generation Europe

"Photovoltaic Plan in New Jersey"
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Solar Power Generation Europe, SPG Europe’14, will begin in Milan (Italy). During two days, from 18 November to 19 November, this renewable meeting, focused on contract strategy for solar energy, will address some of the most burning issues related to this industry field, such as highlighting key failures of first generation contract, reducing OPEX costs through an effective O&M contracting strategy, the interface between investors, contract management and risk allocation and what role large scale investors play, the European space solar generators roadmap, fundamental challenges of transitioning to a secondary market and implementing an asset management strategy for maximum efficiency, among many others.

Those who are interested will also be able to participate in the webinars, namely The Solar Power Generation Europe Webinar Series, running alongside the main conference’ sessions: The bigger picture – What is the future of large-scale solar in Europe? And Practical Solutions for reducing OPEX costs.

Rocio Troncoso

More Information: Solar Power Generation Europe 2014.

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"Solar Power Plant in Japan"
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Solar Power Generation Japan Congress will be held in Tokyo (Japan), under the motto “Establishing global partnerships for the development of Mega Solar in Japan”, during two days, from next 12 November to 13 November.

The meeting aims to be a place for discussing some of the currently core topics concerning the developments of this industry sector in Japan. Lately, some new regulations have led to an increase in the utility scale PV Japanese market’s growth.

The Solar Power Generation Japan summit is a timely opportunity for national and international investors, policy makers, researchers, manufacturers, developers and utilities companies. All attendees will be able to find multiple networking opportunities.

The agenda includes conference sessions about policy and regulatory frameworks, renewable energy investment, grid capacity, power market, exploring innovative solutions, Japan mega-solar potential, finance and investments and costs and technology prices, among many others.


Rocio Troncoso


More Information: Solar Power Generation Japan.

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