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"Offshore wind power farm in Scotland"
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The Scottish Renewables 2017 Annual Conference will be opening in Edinburgh (UK) the coming March 21st under the motto “Scotland’s Energy Evolution”. During two days, the 21st and 22nd of March, the conference will address key issues, such as Evolving Businesses: The Next Chapter for the Energy Business, Evolving Technology and Challenges for the Energy System, Evolving Customers, Leading the Transformation of Scotland’s Energy and Securing a Viable Route to a Viable Market, among others.

The Scottish Renewables 2017 Annual Conference also organizes a poster exhibition which allows participants to showcase their latest products, services and developments.


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More Information: Scottish Renewable Annual Conference.

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"Marine Renewable Canada Farm"
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Marine Renewables Canada Annual Conference will start next November 3rd in Halifax (Nova Scotia). During two days (from 3 to 4 November) the conference’s programme highlights a wide range of topics from insight on low carbon and climate action policies and strategies to    identification of opportunities and progress in wave, river current, and tidal energy development and updates on global marine renewable energy market opportunities and challenges, among others.

The conference sessions will address some of the most relevant issues related to this renewable energy field, such as transitioning to a low-carbon future in Canada, progress in innovation and the state of devices and technologies, the evolving global marketplace and updates from key marine renewable energy markets and the growing of the industry, knowledge, collaboration and innovation.


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More Information: Marine Renewables Canada.

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WindEnergy Hamburg 2016, the expo for wind energy, will be held in Hamburg (Germany) from next 27th September until 30th September.

Energy experts will be making presentations at the conference’s sessions, which will be running alongside the exhibition, on a wide range of topics such as certification services, floating LiDAR systems, storage solutions, EU grid code compliance, optimisation of a wind farm and intelligent onshore manufacturing surveillance, among many others.


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More Information: WindEnergy Hamburg 2016.

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The 7th edition of Brazil Wind Power will be released on next 30th August in Rio de Janeiro. The event, which is three days in length, until 1st August, features key lectures on current topics regarding this industry sector such as Renewable Energy Seal, Financing of the Wind Power Industry, Opportunities in Latin America, Climate and Wind Potential and Future and Energetic Transformation, among others.

The exhibition will showcase the latest world trends and updates in wind power technologies and developments.

Brazil Wind Power 2016, a must-attend, is the largest event of its field in Latin America.


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More information: Brazil Wind Power.

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Two international conferences on renewable energy sources are taking place in the UK at the end of the month. On the one hand, the Clean Energy Finance Europe 2016 forum is taking place in London (UK) from 24 February to 25 February. Senior economics, technical energy experts, commercial banks, private equity investors, infrastructure funds, development banks and many more stakeholders will have the opportunity to find the latest news and developments in this field. The meeting will focus on topics such as innovative financing options, EU policy updates, investable emerging technologies and responses to the dynamic market, among many others.

On the other hand, the International Conference on Ocean Energy 2016 is celebrated in Edinburgh (UK) from next 23rd to 25th February. The conference agenda brings forward some of the most important and complex issues related to this renewable energy source such as environmental impacts, international markets, the European support for ocean energy, grid and offgrid solutions, wave and tidal technologies, de-risking technologies and performance and profitability among others.


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More Information: Clean Energy Finance Europe 2016, International Conference on Ocean Energy.

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