About RenewWorld

RenewWorld is all about Renewable Energies and Environment.


"Lanzarote Beach. Picture by Enrique Troncoso"


This is a place for furthering sustainability and sustainable development, for caring about our planet and for fighting for making this world a better place to live in.

RenewWorld is focused on disseminating information, knowledge and practical experiences about renewable energies and technologies. On achieving the objective of widespreading a greater use of any renewable energy source.

This is a blog in progress, comments and suggestions are very welcome!


Me, Myself and I

I eat a piece, or two or three, of water melon every day in summer time, if I do not do that I get crazy. In winter I turn to apples, red apples.

I love to Communicate and Science and Renewables… and Arts…

I like to contribute to make this world a better place.

I enjoy learning very much, in  fact, I am always learning something. I am a perpetual student.

I love to laugh. And I love to splash about in the water. And the pool and the sea…

I am happiest looking at sunset by the sea and walking along a sea shore.


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