International Conference on Climate Change in Vietnam

"Snow is melting"
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The eighth International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses will be held in Hanoi (Vietnam) on 21 and 22 April next.

The meeting focuses on encouraging discussions about climate change related issues, causes and impacts, and features a number of conferences which will address a wide range of topics such as Low Carbon, Resilient, and Sustainable Development for Enhancing Climate Change Response in Vulnerable Country, Human Impacts and Impacts on Humans, Coral Relocation as a Possible Mitigation Tool to Accelerate Coral Recovery from Bleaching, Climate Change Governance, Community Responses to Climate Change, Coastal Issues and Impacts Policies and Political Responses and Communicating and Managing Risk, among others.

There will be different session types suitable for all participants, from Plenary Sessions, Colloquium and Garden Conversations to Themed Paper Presentations, Workshops and Poster Sessions, among others.


Rocio Troncoso

More Information: International Conference on Climate Change.

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