Solar Power Generation Europe

"Photovoltaic Plan in New Jersey"
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Solar Power Generation Europe, SPG Europe’14, will begin in Milan (Italy). During two days, from 18 November to 19 November, this renewable meeting, focused on contract strategy for solar energy, will address some of the most burning issues related to this industry field, such as highlighting key failures of first generation contract, reducing OPEX costs through an effective O&M contracting strategy, the interface between investors, contract management and risk allocation and what role large scale investors play, the European space solar generators roadmap, fundamental challenges of transitioning to a secondary market and implementing an asset management strategy for maximum efficiency, among many others.

Those who are interested will also be able to participate in the webinars, namely The Solar Power Generation Europe Webinar Series, running alongside the main conference’ sessions: The bigger picture – What is the future of large-scale solar in Europe? And Practical Solutions for reducing OPEX costs.

Rocio Troncoso

More Information: Solar Power Generation Europe 2014.

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