"Tralditional fuels pollution"
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Renewable energies are The 5th International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change is going to take place in Athens. Opening next 11 October, during two days the meeting will address some of the most interesting topics related to the field of renewable energies, conventional fuels, environment and climate change.

Participants coming from different industry and academic sectors will discuss about valuable issues such as energy management systems, hydrocarbons, production and transportation, smart grid technologies, energy market regulation, co-generation, optimization techniques, the promotion of renewable energies, hydrogen, solar, wind, biomass, tidal wave, geothermal, global trading and pricing, renewable energies in rural areas, environmental-climate change economics and policies, energy efficiency and the optimal use of energy resources among many others.

The 5th International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change is organized by The PROMITHEAS network, with more than 25 members from different countries. The Energy Policy and Development Centre (research institute, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) is the coordinator of The Promitheas net.


Rocío Troncoso


More Information: Promitheas Conference.

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