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The Australian city of Adelaide will host ENVIRO 2012, the 7th Australian Conference and Exhibition Integrating Business and the Environment, from 24 to 26 July.

The Conference program will address a wide range of topics such as waste and resources, water and wastewater, education and communication, sustainable business, organics and energy form waste and fuels, among many others.

ENVIRO 2012 aims to be a forum for sharing knowledge, practices and experiences, a meeting of sustainability technology, industry, business and policy. Attendees can participate in workshops, technical tours and visits and discuss about issues such as local government waste strategy, water recycle and reuse, examples of innovative solutions, supply chain risks and opportunities, energy efficiency, markets and more.

ENVIRO 2012 also includes a large exhibition of products, technologies and services regarding the environmental and sustainable industry. This exhibition will showcase the latest and newest from areas such as clean technologies, engineering, recycling and reuse, NGO’s, sustainable cities, environmental management systems, transport and infrastructure, eco-communication, contaminated land, renewable and alternative energy and regulation among many others.

Rocio Troncoso

More Information: ENVIRO 2012.

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