The Asian summit features the latest news, products and technologies in water industry

"CENTA wastewater treatment system in Carrion de los Cespedes (Sevilla)"
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Aquatech China 2012 will be opening next week in the Chinese city of Shanghai. From 6 June to 8 June this water Asian meeting will bring together key industry players, policy makers, regulators, researchers to discuss the latest within the water and waste water sector.

Aquatech China will host the Integrated Aqua Solutions Conference and the AquaStage program both running alongside the main exhibition.

The Integrated Aqua Solutions Conference’s aim is to engage professionals from the water industry sector to discuss challenges. It will be a forum for sharing projects and experiences and reaching solutions. The conference will address issues concerning the small water cycle and also the big water cycle.

The AquaStage program includes a valuable range of conferences focused on topics such as environmental protection and water treatments, anti-pollution new technologies, new products and terminal water purification, among many others.

The International Exhibition will showcase products and technologies regarding three core areas, process, drinking and waste water. It will offer the visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest news and updates on water industry, waste water and water management.

Rocio Troncoso

More Information: Aquatech China 2012.

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