Conferences and exhibitions about clean energies in New Delhi

"Wind and Solar Farm"
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Under the motto ‘Switching on India’s GREEN POWER Future’ the Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo is going to take place in New Delhi. It is set to be the main renewable power networking event in the region together with HydroVision India and Power-Gen India & Central Asia, all them running from next 19 April to 21 April.

Renewable Energy World India 2012 will showcase the latest technologies, projects and products. A wide range of talk sessions will take place addressing some of the most interesting topics concerning the renewable field with more than 100 speakers coming from over 15 countries.

HydroVision India is focused on hydro power sector and the key factors that India is facing to modernize infrastructures and develop technologies. The participants will have the opportunity to networking and sharing knowledge and experiences throughout various conferences addressing core themes such as hydro power technologies, compact and small hydro and environmental considerations among others.

Power-Gen India & Central Asia will provide a wide range of sessions concentrated on power generation. Minimizing conventional power’s emissions, policy and regulatory issues, clean coal technologies, fuel quality and supply, encouraging a private power sector and establishing a modern grid system are some of the hot topics being addressed in this event.

All the attendees to the three renewable energy events are invited to visit the exhibition set by leading power industrial professionals worldwide and featuring the newest technologies, equipments and products.

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More Information: Renewable Energy World India.

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