Brazil Wind Energy Conference

"Wind turbine detail"
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‘Brazil Wind Energy Conference 2012’ (BWEC) is being released next 2 April in the South American city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. For two intense days, 2-3 April, this valuable event will bring to everyone attending it the possibility of sharing knowledge and experience on the latest and newest topics related to this sector of renewable energy.

BWEC 2012 aims to be a forum and a platform for professionals, investors, policy makers, equipment manufacturers and also for stakeholders and end-consumers.

And above all, this event will highlight the present and future opportunities for investors within the booming field of the renewable energies in Brazil and the fast growing wind energy market.

Latin America region has been lately focused on hydro resources and thermal plants possibilities mainly. But this is going to change due to the huge opportunities for renewable development within the field of wind energy. One of the leading countries of this booming and emerging wind energy industry, alongside with Chile and Mexico, is Brazil. And Brazil is doing all its best to attract investors and promote investments opportunities which lead to set Brazil as the new wind energy powerhouse.

Rocio Troncoso

More Information: BWEC.

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