"grass for Biomass"
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We have been recently talking about the growing importance of biomass, the oldest renewable energy and one of the largest energy suppliers nowadays, within the energy scene.

Now, a new renewable energy event comes to highlight it, the next International Biomass Conference, set in Leipzig (Germany) from 24 to 25 April. The goal of this International Biomass Conference is to discuss about a demand driven electricity supply from biomass.

Focused on combined heat and power production, the conference aims to address some of the most relevant topics for the sector such as energy trade of biogas plants, national and international frameworks, the role of flexible bioenergy provision, environmental impacts, biomass conversion technologies, social and local issues and decentralised energy management.

Alongside the conference panels, the attendees can participate in various valuable workshops focused on technological and practical issues related to the subject.


Rocio Troncoso

More Information: International Biomass Conference.

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