"The Strawberry Tree in Obrenovac, Serbia"
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The Strawberry Tree is the name of a new renewable energy feature set in one of the most visited squares of the city of Obrenovac (Serbia). The Strawberry Tree (the name coming from the shape in which it has been constructed) is a charger for mobile phones batteries that works on solar energy and therefore uses only clean and sustainable energy to operate.

The device can provide battery recharging for a number of different mobile phones, being the charging time of 15 minutes, and it is for free.

The idea is worth being taken into account not only for the charging battery mobiles use but for the huge future possibilities that it brings for general recharging use such as those of electric vehicles.

This energy tree, invented by some students from the University of Belgrade, has been awarded with the Sustainable Energy Europe Award 2011.

Rocio Troncoso

More information: Strawberry Energy.

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